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FROM:latest, An opinionated Dockerfile linter

Useful for linting your own Dockerfiles. The underlying replicatedhq/dockerfilelint doesn't seem to be that up-to-date though, e.g. the HEALTHCHECK cmd is missing. PR is in the pipeline.



Todays achievement: Finally my dev @withknown setup is running happily in Docker on Windows with PHP7. Yay!

Running @Docker containers on Windows is cool. Until you run into weird CRLF/LF issues. Will this madness ever end?


Kitchen provides a test harness to execute infrastructure code on one or more platforms in isolation.


Dokku - The smallest PaaS implementation you've ever seen

Powered by Docker, you can install Dokku on any hardware. Use it on inexpensive cloud providers. Once it's set up on a host, you can push Heroku-compatible applications to it via Git. They'll build using Heroku buildpacks and then run in isolated containers. The end result is your own, single-host version of Heroku.

Looks really nice. Don't have any use case now, though.


The Moby Project

Moby is an open framework created by Docker to assemble specialized container systems without reinventing the wheel. It provides a “lego set” of dozens of standard components and a framework for assembling them into custom platforms.


Play with Docker

PWD is a Docker playground which allows users to run Docker commands in a matter of seconds. It gives the experience of having a free Alpine Linux Virtual Machine in browser, where you can build and run Docker containers and even create clusters in Docker Swarm Mode.

The 'daddy' of


Play with Kubernetes

PWK is a K8s playground which allows users to run K8s clusters in a matter of seconds. It gives the experience of having a free Alpine Linux Virtual Machine in browser. Under the hood Docker-in-Docker (DinD) is used to give the effect of multiple VMs/PCs.


Listen Tracker - Tracking for Spotify Connect

Track your playback from all your Spotify (unofficial) Connect devices to without having to set it up on every device.

As the public version seems to be at its user limit, I guess I have to run my own instance here. Fortunately, the script is available and I already started to hack together a Docker container to host a running instance of the script. Check the development at


Announcing Docker 17.06 Community Edition (CE)

Multi-stage builds sound like a really interesting feature.  



The Solution for Stateful Containers. Designed for DevOps.

Mal sehen ob man damit Persistant Storage für Docker sinnvoll realisieren kann.


Harbor by VMware

Project Harbor is an enterprise-class registry server that stores and distributes Docker images. Harbor extends the open source Docker Distribution by adding the functionalities usually required by an enterprise, such as security, identity and management.


Upgraded my @openvpn setup. Now with fancy @docker containers, an own DNS (also in a container), AES-256-CBC and stuff. Like it.


OpenVPN server in a Docker container complete with an EasyRSA PKI CA

Looks like a suitable replacement for my current FreeBSD setup.


Building Docker 1.12.0 (with Swarm Mode)

Manual to build Docker 1.12.0 from source on an Odroid-C2. I followed the main steps to build 1.13.0 on mine and didn't need to implement any of the bugfixes mentioned in the article. Yay for me.


Docker Networking 101 - Host mode

How Docker host mode works - useful if you need the hosts network stack in your Docker container.


Now building @docker from source on aarch64. This happens - surprise, surprise - in a Docker container. Neat.

"ERROR: The Docker Engine version is less than the minimum required by Compose." Living on the bleeding edge is hard...