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CNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape

You are viewing 650 cards with a total of 1,497,100 stars, market cap of $6.43T and funding of $42.4B.

Impressive, somehow. Let's see how the cloud native space consolidates this year.


Dokku - The smallest PaaS implementation you've ever seen

Powered by Docker, you can install Dokku on any hardware. Use it on inexpensive cloud providers. Once it's set up on a host, you can push Heroku-compatible applications to it via Git. They'll build using Heroku buildpacks and then run in isolated containers. The end result is your own, single-host version of Heroku.

Looks really nice. Don't have any use case now, though.


File, Block, and Object Storage Services for your Cloud-Native Environments


Rubrik - The Cloud Data Management Company

Rubrik Cloud Data Management delivers automated backup, recovery, archival, search, cloud, and development in a simple, scale-out platform built for hybrid cloud.

Buzzword-compliant. Looks nice, though.



[...] we are fortunate to have a safe alternative for our mails: ProtonMail, which allows encryption end-to-end thereof. Also, you can use or to encrypt your conversations.

It's in this perspective that we launched the development of Muonium, to offer an alternative for storing securely your documents online. Our policy requires us to encrypt end-to-end files making you the only true owner thereof.


Crafting Your Cloud-Native Strategy

A cloud-native organization's goal is to provide its business with an effective, sustainable means of innovating. This eBook shares cloud-native practices and technologies to fully automate the application stack infrastructure layers.

Michael Coté finished his latest cloud book.


Digital Rebar

For physical infrastructure, Digital Rebar functions as a fully integrated Cobbler/Foreman + Ansible Tower (or Juju + MaaS) with the added bonus of being able to configure RAID, IPMI and BIOS. Furthermore, Digital Rebar is not opinionated about scripting tools so you can mix and match Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, or even Bash.

For cloud infrastructure, Digital Rebar provides a hybrid cluster install like Terraform, but with an ongoing iterative operation and upgrade strategy.

Should at least be buzzword-compatible.


Building Docker 1.12.0 (with Swarm Mode)

Manual to build Docker 1.12.0 from source on an Odroid-C2. I followed the main steps to build 1.13.0 on mine and didn't need to implement any of the bugfixes mentioned in the article. Yay for me.


Deutsche OpenStack Tage

Der Schwerpunkt der Konferenz liegt auf dem Enterprise Einsatz der Cloud Computing Software OpenStack. Namhafte Entwickler und Vertreter großer Unternehmen werden die Einführung und den Betrieb von OpenStack anhand von Best Practices und Case Studies vorstellen.

Klingt auch nach einem interessanten Event.


Paperspace: Your full computer in the cloud

If I ever need a Windows PC, this would be it I suppose.


Cryptomator for Android

Free client-side encryption for your cloud files. Open source software: No backdoors, no registration.

The Android beta client now supports Google Drive. Time for a test drive.


Intercloud: Cisco schließt 1-Milliarde-Dollar-Cloud

Ebenfalls keine gute Nachricht ist das Intercloud-Ende für die Initiatoren der Open-Source-Cloud-Software Openstack, auf der die Cisco-Cloud-Plattform basiert. Vor Cisco hatte schon HP seiner Openstack-Cloud-Lösung Helion den Stecker gezogen. Auch Openstack-Mitentwickler Rackspace hat der Lösung mittlerweile den Rücken gekehrt. 

Da kommt wohl Bewegung in den OpenStack-Business-Markt.


Shade as a Service's tweet

those executives are going to be disappointed when they learn that their new "private cloud" is the same stupid datacenter they already have


Cloud Native Strategy Toolkit

Over the last year I've spoken with many people at large organizations in the thick of improving how they do software. This “journey” goes by many names: “digital transformation,” putting a “cloud strategy” in place, or as my company Pivotal puts it, becoming “cloud native.” Some are annoyingly clever enough to just call it “what we’ve always done.”

Draft of the second edition of Cloud Native Journey by Michael Coté of Software Defined Talk fame.Goes on my To Read list.