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FROM:latest, An opinionated Dockerfile linter

Useful for linting your own Dockerfiles. The underlying replicatedhq/dockerfilelint doesn't seem to be that up-to-date though, e.g. the HEALTHCHECK cmd is missing. PR is in the pipeline.


GoCD: Open Source Continuous Delivery and Release Automation Server

Easily model and visualize complex workflows with GoCD, a free and open source continous delivery server.

Recommended by the folks of Noris Network.


Business and IT don't always understand each other. Cucumber's executable specifications encourage closer collaboration, helping teams keep the business goal in mind at all times.


Kitchen provides a test harness to execute infrastructure code on one or more platforms in isolation.


The Solution for Stateful Containers. Designed for DevOps.

Mal sehen ob man damit Persistant Storage für Docker sinnvoll realisieren kann.

Extended Conversation with Gary Gruver

All Day DevOps: Extended Conversations is a series of live online discussions, expanding upon the 2016 All Day DevOps sessions. The first of our Extended Conversations was with Gary Gruver.

Interesting follow-up sessions to All Day Devops.

Wieder mal ein tolles Camp Compact in Nürnberg. Musste leider schon eher los und konnte nicht bis zum Schluss bleiben. :(

@spr2 @tabsl Danke wieder mal für ein tolles DevOps Camp Compact. Konnte leider nicht bis zum Ende bleiben. :(

It's webinar time. '@MirantisIT 8.0 and Fuel Deployment Application'.

Nach 2 tollen Tagen jetzt gerade 2:15h laufen gewesen. Jetzt bin ich körperlich und geistig platt. Passt!

-Jenga: @Rancher_Labs managed @kubernetesio was dann wiederum die Applikationscontainer managed. Und es scheint zu laufen...

Greetings from camp Nürnberg to the Düsseldorf. Maybe I should clone myself anytime soon. @indieweb