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Accessibility Wins: Google Chrome’s Color Contrast Debugger

Chrome Canary’s developer tools have an experiment where you can debug color contrast right in the style inspector.



DeepL entwickelt künstliche Intelligenz für das Verstehen und Übersetzen von Texten.

Schicker Übersetzer. Funktioniert nach ersten Tests besser als Google Translate



A highly non-official google search skill for Alexa


Install 'Ask Google' Alexa Skill

“Sorry, I don’t have the answer to that question.” Alexa can’t even answer a simple question? Try installing the unofficial Ask Google skill to your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. Now you can ask Alexa to ask Google any kind of questions.

This is really cool (and useful)!


OpenVPN on ChromeOS Documentation

This document describes how to configure OpenVPN on ChromeOS to use features that you may wish to have, are supported by openvpn itself, but not currently reachable from the user interface at this time (hopefully in the future).

Quite helpful, although there's no mention of IPv6.


So sichert Google seine Server ab

Von eigener Hardware bis zu biometrischer Zugangskontrolle für Mitarbeiter: Google setzt in seinen Rechenzentren auf ein ausgeklügeltes Sicherheitssystem.

Interessante Einblicke in Googles Sicherheitsarchitektur.



KubeVirt is a virtual machine management architecture built around Kubernetes, implemented as an extension to Kubernetes. The aim is to provide a common ground for virtualization solutions on top of Kubernetes.

Mal im Auge behalten, klingt interessant.


Cryptomator for Android

Free client-side encryption for your cloud files. Open source software: No backdoors, no registration.

The Android beta client now supports Google Drive. Time for a test drive.


Cloud Native Strategy Toolkit

Over the last year I've spoken with many people at large organizations in the thick of improving how they do software. This “journey” goes by many names: “digital transformation,” putting a “cloud strategy” in place, or as my company Pivotal puts it, becoming “cloud native.” Some are annoyingly clever enough to just call it “what we’ve always done.”

Draft of the second edition of Cloud Native Journey by Michael Coté of Software Defined Talk fame.Goes on my To Read list.


So, mal Support ins Blog eingebaut. Mal sehen was Google Search daraus macht. Scheint jedenfalls zu gehen.