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Hacked together my first small @withknown plugin at todays Homebrew Website Club Nuremberg.

Frank Karlitschek (@fkarlitschek) of @nextclouders talks about decentralized web in his keynote. Resonates well with ideas.

Listening to the Hack Day presentation of @jkphl at the Conference Nuremberg. Lets spread the IndieWeb idea!

Kyle Mahan's Bridging the IndieWeb Generation Gap

Aaron Parecki's IndieWeb Summit

Sharing from the #IndieWeb on Mobile (Android) with Apps and @WithKnown

Just set this up on my Android phone. Lets see how this works out.

Configuring the #IndieWeb RSS Reader Woodwind for @WithKnown

This looks interesting, have to give Woodwind a try.

Greetings from camp Nürnberg to the Düsseldorf. Maybe I should clone myself anytime soon. @indieweb

All good things do come in threes. Managed to connect and without any errors now!

Moving HMAC generation in Ruby out of the way to post to the Known API

2 min read

As I'm currently trying to post something through the Known API to my
site I have to dive into [HMAC]( a bit.

It's actually not that complicated and Phyks has laid out all the necessary steps to use the API in his excellent [article](

However, buildung the HMAC somehow it didn't seem to work when I used something like

statusurl = '/status/edit'
hash = OpenSSL::HMAC.digest('sha256', apikey, statusurl)
hmac = Base64.encode64(hash)

to generate the value. It showed up correct on screen, but my HTTPS request turned resulted in an HTTP 400 reply.

Lo and behold, after some debugging with ```http.set_debug_output($stdout)``` I found the culprit. ```encode64``` adds a newline at the end (as by the spec) which, put into the HTTP header, breaks your request.

Thanks to the pointers in [StackOverflow post]( there's ```strict_encode64``` to the rescue. So

statusurl = '/status/edit'
hash = OpenSSL::HMAC.digest('sha256', apikey, statusurl)
hmac = Base64.strict_encode64(hash)

will give you an HMAC that makes your HTTP request happy. Or you can strip the newline using ```gsub```, your call. Yay, now my requests are working. On to the next step!


Money quote from @adactio: "Service workers are a man-in-the-middle attack on yourself"