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Checking out the @kolab Summit at . Let's see what's on their technical roadmap.

SUSE's tweet

Video from @openSUSE Conference: Comparison of openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise


Listening to h01ger's talk on - interesting concept regarding security. Will this become standard one day?

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP2 makes skipping service packs when updating possible and will feature public betas. Nicely done!

The module concept of with different lifecycles for 'product groups' looks well thought. Have to dig deeper into this.

Brian Linuxing's tweet

Excellent material and recording of talks from can be found at


@jaegerandi Thanks for the insights. Will the slides be available publicly?

More than 1100 repos in @openstack CI infrastructure. Wow.

@fkarlitschek Regarding your presentation: Did you have a look at Webmention for the like/comment part? Seems the protocols are there

Frank Karlitschek (@fkarlitschek) of @nextclouders talks about decentralized web in his keynote. Resonates well with ideas.

"Q: What does distributed/decentralized mean? A: More things can fail!" First money quote of the day at

Listening to the Hack Day presentation of @jkphl at the Conference Nuremberg. Lets spread the IndieWeb idea!