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During yesterdays Homebrew Website Club Nuremberg I managed to get all my @withknown plugins composer-ready. Yay!

Todays achievement: Finally my dev @withknown setup is running happily in Docker on Windows with PHP7. Yay!

Now running @withknown 0.9.9 ('downgrade' from Git version). Kinda annoyed by the issue @ChrisAldrich reported.

Switched my @withknown site to use the current dev version from Github. Now for some plugin debugging.

Aaron Parecki: #100DaysOfIndieWeb Day 89: OwnYourSwarm

Today I created an initial draft of OwnYourSwarm, a service that will convert your Swarm checkins to Micropub requests, and post them to your site. This is an early draft of the service still, but it should be functional enough to post basic checkins to your site.

This looks really cool. Let's see how this works with Known.


Do you want to syndicate your bookmarks from @withknown to @pinboard? Look no further than

Clean up the URLs in your @withknown profile with the awesome ShortProfile plugin!

Note to myself: If @withknown doesn't show any content check which version (release or dev) you are using. DB schemes don't seem to match.

Hacked together my first small @withknown plugin at todays Homebrew Website Club Nuremberg.

Configuring the #IndieWeb RSS Reader Woodwind for @WithKnown

This looks interesting, have to give Woodwind a try.