There are some business trips planned, so I'll be on the road in Germany a bit. And after some days in a camper in lovely Slovenia in May we'll travel to London and Cornwall in the summer. Looking forward to it!


The regular meetings of the Homebrew Website Club Nuremberg still take place and I try to take part as often as I can.
We are also preparing an event for the Nürnberg Digital Festival to show what this Homebrew Website Club is all about. If you want to be there, July 3th in Nuremberg is the place to be.


I currently find not that much time to play board games as I'd like, but I'm still on to my challenge to play 12 board games from my collection at least 5 times this year. Half of this challenge is already done, I am currently enjoying Eila and Something Shiny.

From time to time I also play a session of Marvel Champions - The Card Game, the game I played most (190 plays and counting).


These are the tracks I listened most often in the last 30 days, courtesy of

And the last song I listened to was