The Poster’s Guide to the New Internet

The Vergecast - The Poster’s Guide to the New Internet


In episode three of our connectivity mini series, The Verge's David Pierce explores the idea of POSSE and PESOS, two syndication models for posting on the internet that don't rely on a single platform. Buckle in, it gets nerdy. Email us at or call us at 866-VERGE11, we love hearing from you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



Key Facts

  1. Posting is a crucial means of communication and career-building on the Internet.

  2. The great platform age dominated by companies like Facebook and Twitter is ending, giving rise to more open and interconnected systems like Mastodon and Blue Sky.

  3. Posse and PASOS offer new approaches to content publishing, challenging platform specificity and aiming to make social networks destinations for content.

  4. Posting on multiple networks is difficult, but new platforms and apps are emerging to revolutionize the internet experience.

  5. User interface and user flow are important considerations in social media publishing, and a more streamlined posting process is desired.

  6. Bundling different types of content and interaction into an app is desired for a more concise and integrated posting experience.

  7. A posse-style system could lead to a democratized internet, but breaking free from big businesses will require reinventing the internet.

  8. Buying a domain name is essential for establishing an internet presence and owning your online identity. (View Highlight)