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Huginn is a system for building agents that perform automated tasks for you online. They can read the web, watch for events, and take actions on your behalf. Huginn's Agents create and consume events, propagating them along a directed graph. Think of it as a hackable version of IFTTT or Zapier on your own server. You always know who has your data. You do.



The together project is an IndieWeb environment for reading, discovering, and interacting with content. You might call it a reader.

An alternative reader for the IndieWeb if you are not into Monocle.


Aperture is a Microsub server. Microsub is a spec that provides a standardized way for reader apps to interact with feeds. By splitting feed parsing and displaying posts into separate parts, a reader app can focus on presenting posts to the user instead of also having to parse feeds. A Microsub server manages the list of people you're following and collects their posts, and a Micropub app shows the posts to the user by fetching them from the server.

Another piece of the IndieWeb puzzle.

Indiepaper: A read later service built for the open web

Have you ever stumbled upon an article that you want to read, but don't have the time to read right away? Indiepaper is here to help! Send your articles to Indiepaper using the bookmarklet, macOS app, or iOS Workflow, and Indiepaper will extract the article contents and save it for later by publishing to your micropub server.

Indiepaper pairs wonderfully with microsub servers like Aperture and Indie Reader apps like Together, Indigenous, and Monocle.

Yet another IndieWeb project for those cold dark winter nights.

Todays achievement: Finally my dev @withknown setup is running happily in Docker on Windows with PHP7. Yay!

Homebrew Website Club Nuremberg is back from hiatus! Had a great time w/ @cowglow and our newest member. Missed @jkphl though. :(

Switched my @withknown site to use the current dev version from Github. Now for some plugin debugging.

Aaron Parecki: #100DaysOfIndieWeb Day 89: OwnYourSwarm

Today I created an initial draft of OwnYourSwarm, a service that will convert your Swarm checkins to Micropub requests, and post them to your site. This is an early draft of the service still, but it should be functional enough to post basic checkins to your site.

This looks really cool. Let's see how this works with Known.

@jkphl Wie ist denn der -Terminstatus für Nürnberg? Laut ist ab 11.1. jede Woche ein Treffen. :)

Tweet Nest

A browsable, searchable and easily customizable archive and backup for your tweets

As I sent all my tweets via Known nowadays this is not really necessary (anymore). However, for all the "legecy" tweets this looks helpful.

Do you want to syndicate your bookmarks from @withknown to @pinboard? Look no further than

Self-Hosting kylewm's Woodwind Indie Reader

One of the popular readers I saw talked about in the chat was Woodwind. It was easy to get started by logging in with my own website and then subscribing to my own site to get all my h-feeds, h-entrys, h-cards, etc. in a row. Recently, the hosted version of Woodwind at was down for a few days, so I set out to host my own.

Mal ausprobieren.

Had a lot of fun (as always) at today's Nuremberg. Managed to create some content for my blog and did some necessary updates.