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I'm a triathlete and avid traveler located in Nuremberg, Germany. I like board games and I follow the minimalism and the IndieWeb movement.

Find out more about me and what I do at the moment.

What you will find on this site

Check out anything collected in the overview, just browse around and see where you'll end up or use the search function in the upper right corner. Everything on this site is intended to be tightly linked, so you'll find your way around once you start exploring. See the whole site and its content as a work in progress, though.

The content on this site will be a mix of German and English. As soon as my Spanish gets better I maybe throw some in as well. Usually I'll write in English when I'm in the mood, when I want to reach a particular audience or when I write about events I took part in which were held in English. I won't bother to translate everything on here, feel free to use a translator or AI of your choice.

Where to find me online elsewhere

My primary web outlet is here. I'm not that active on Social Media anymore, but you can find me on Mastodonif you want to get in touch. I have accounts on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram as well, but don't use those anymore and won't link them here.

This website is IndieWeb-ified, so get any additional all the required contact info from the included h-card.